eBikes are one of the most popular ways to reduce your carbon footprint and get where you need to go with ease but even when you’ve decided on a great eBike company like Volta – there are still plenty of options. Not all eBikes are meant for the same rider and riding style, so let’s review six Volta eBikes, their capabilities, and what type of riding they’re suited to. Volta’s goal is to match you to the perfect eBike for your needs.

Which eBike to Buy

Which eBike to Buy?

XF800 Fat Tire eBike

With robust tires, frame, and plenty of power, the XF800 is a great eBike for long-distance riding that can handle footpaths and easy trails. The XF800 has a range of approximately 50 miles and seven gears to give you versatility without the motor. The XF800 has a full-suspension set up to make for a comfortable ride and hydraulic disc brakes to ensure quick stopping under any condition.

The XF800 is an ideal year-round commuter bike if portability is not needed. The Fat-tires increase traction in any condition, for ease of riding in inclement weather. If you’re wondering which eBike to buy for the best all-around capabilities, the XF800 should be your go-to.

XF800 highlights – Strong, versatile, smaller range but better price point than XF900.

XF900 Fat Tire eBike

The XF900 is the perfect eBike for long distance commutes and those who like to stay on the road as long as possible. Everything on the XF900 is made for rugged and long-distance riding including a powerful 1500W electric motor, hydraulic brakes, full-suspension, and a riding distance up to 60 miles.

If you’re looking for an eBike to take on vacation to explore large areas or like to get lost on bike trails for hours at a time, – the XF900 is right for you. There’s no reason you can’t use the XF900 for smaller commutes or riding shorter distances, but its large size and weight make it ideal for longer rides. This eBike has a very soft suspension and should only be ridden by lighter riders and on easy terrain.

XF900 Highlights – Large, in charge, and ready for long-distance rides.

XF770 Folding Mountain Bike

One main problem with folding eBikes is their inability to handle rougher terrain but the XF770 gives you a compact and folding eBike with a powerful frame and strong motor. With 27 separate speeds the XF770 is the most versatile of all Volta eBikes and can be used on sidewalks, trails, and even easy to medium skill mountain bike trails.

With a cruising distance of up to 50 miles, the XF770 is the ideal eBike for those commuting on rough terrain, going up and downhill frequently, taking their eBike on the trail, and for those want as many speeds as they can get.

XF770 Highlights – Rugged but still compact and foldable. Most speeds of any Volta eBike. Versatile.

XF690 Folding Fat Tire eBike

The XF690 is one of Volta’s best all-around models with tons of capabilities and great bang for your buck. The XF690’s fat tires, solid 17” aluminum frame, and seven gears are suitable for all types of eBike riders from daily commuters to weekend warriors.

Those who want a versatile eBike that’s fast on the commute but can handle rough terrain when necessary should keep their sights set on the XF690.

XF690 Highlights – Versatile, can handle many types of terrain. Excellent value for eBike riders who want a little bit of everything over a lot of one thing.

G650 Folding Electric City Bike

The G650 Folding Electric City Bike is Volta’s best seller thanks to its light weight and portability. Unlike many of the other larger Volta eBikes the G650 can be folded to fit into the back of your vehicle for easy transport to and from your destination. The G650’s footprint is so small that city commuters can fold it up and bring the bike into their office to avoid damage or theft.

The G650 is a great first eBike for commuters with a shorter commute through nice trails, college kids biking to class, or navigating city streets in urban areas. With a small size and only 5 speeds The G650 is not the best option for long commutes over rough terrain but the fat tires can easily handle rougher roads and sidewalks.

G650 Highlights – Most popular Volta eBike, great price point, light, compact, and stowable.

G650 Folding Electric City Bike

If you’re looking for an inexpensive eBike to zip through your neighborhood or down crowded urban streets the X3000 is your ideal eBike. With a 20” wheel size the X3000 is not the most suitable bike for long rides through trails and rough terrain – but it’s perfect for quick trips and errands. It even comes with a back rack to store groceries or other items. When folded up the X3000 reduces to just barely over 3 feet long and just under 2 and ½ feet wide meaning you can stow it in just about any vehicle with ease.

X3000 Highlights- Great price point, best for short rides / commutes, ultra-light, ultra-compact, stowable.

All Volta models come standard with:

  • Full rear and front Suspension
  • Bright LED controller for night riding
  • 3 Modes – Full electric throttle, pedal-assist, and pedal only.
  • Lithium ion battery and charging station

Still Wondering Which eBike to Buy?

Whether you need a small and folding eBike that lets you navigate the city with ease or a tough and versatile bike that can go from sidewalk to trail – there’s a VoltaCycles eBike for anyone. If you want to know more about VoltaCycles download our eBike catalog, browse our blog, or reach out to VoltaCycles directly for a test ride. We’re ready to get you on the perfect eBike today.