We’ve all seen enough internet videos to know wild things happen when you mix people and motorized anything. Videos of people crashing on motorized bikes or scooters are admittedly funny, but they raise a big question – are powered personal vehicles safe? Are eBikes safe?

eBikes are a popular way to experience the fun of bike riding without all the effort but what types of risk for accident and injury come with eBikes? Let’s learn about the safety of eBikes, the risks, and what measures make eBikes safer than conventional bikes.

Are eBikes Safe?

Are eBikes Safe?

Comparing eBike Safety to Traditional Bikes

Let’s make one thing clear, anytime you ride an eBike there’s an inherent safety risk. However, there’s also an inherent safety risk when you’re riding a conventional bike or even walking down the sidewalk. Many things we do everyday put us at risk of danger so the real question should be are eBikes safe when compared to conventional bikes? Though they come with a motor and might go faster than a conventional bike, eBikes are considered safer than conventional bikes. Let’s learn why.

Safety Measures on eBikes

The addition of a battery and motor is what separates eBikes from conventional bikes, but eBikes also have extra safety components to match their power and speed.

Putting it All Together for a Safer Experience

Thanks to the above factors, including the diminished risk of fatigue caused accidents, eBikes don’t bring anymore risk than conventional bikes. According to a survey from Bicycling.com, only 20% of eBike riders had reported any type of accident and of that portion only 19% believed the accident was caused by the unique properties of the eBike. Those percentages are much lower than conventional bike accidents.

Tips for Staying Safe on Your eBike

There’s no way to prevent injury but there are many ways to mitigate it. Follow these eBike safety tips anytime you go for a ride:

  • Avoid riding your eBike in slippery conditions like ice.

  • Always carry water to avoid dehydration.

  • Only ride to your comfort level. Your eBike might be able to go 35 MPH but it doesn’t have to.

  • Avoid unfamiliar terrain.

  • Only ride at night if you have proper lights.

  • Wear bright or reflective gear.

  • Follow all traffic rules. An eBike does not give you permission to run red lights.

  • Wear polarized sunglasses to cut down dangerous glare.

  • Have your eBike inspected and serviced regularly.

  • Only use your eBike what it was intended for. If your eBike is small and made for urban environments, don’t take it on a mountain bike trail.

So, Are eBikes Safe?

Anytime you ride an eBike you assume a risk of injury or accident, but no more than riding a conventional bike. Always wear proper safety gear, stay within your comfort level, and only purchase from reputable suppliers of eBikes like VoltaCycle – eBikes Denver. By following these recommendations you’re much more likely to have a safe and enjoyable eBike experience.