Comparing the Cryusher G650 Vs. X3000


How do you get around town? You can walk, drive, ride a bike, or combine the best qualities of all those with an eBike. eBikes offer an easy, environmentally friendly, and healthy way to get where you need to go without the effort required from walking or always peddling.

Denver-based Volta Cycles is one the country’s leaders in eBikes, but what type of eBike is best for your riding style? Let’s compare two of the top lightweight and foldable Volta Cycle models including the popular G650 and x3000 to find out their specs, capabilities, and what type of rider they’re suited to.

g650 red 104ah folding bicycle full suspension 7 s 10512

Type of eBike Riding

Both the G650 and X3000 are compact, foldable, nimble, and perfect for crowded urban environments. Larger eBikes offer better range than the G650 and X3000 but that range comes with weight and bulk that makes them difficult for navigating crowded urban environments. While the range is shorter, the slim profiles of the G650 and X3000 lets you zip along bike lanes, streets, and bike trails without risk of bowling someone over.

The biggest difference between the two bikes is their adaptability to different riding surfaces. The G650 is known as a “city bike” since its designed primarily for use in urban settings like established bike lanes and paved streets. The X3000 can tackle much rougher terrain like easy to moderate biking trails without issue. If your commute is primarily in the city, the G650 and its’ small stature are a good choice. If you need both city and rugged trail riding in a small frame, look to the X3000.


Both eBikes are outfitted with 48 V 500-Watt engines to get you where you need to go. While Volta Cycles has eBikes with more wattage than these models, those bikes come with significantly more weight and bulk than the G650 and X300. 500W is more than enough power for city riding and tougher trail commutes.

Lithium Motor


A powerful lithium-ion battery helps the G650 and X3000 achieve anywhere from 25 to 50 miles on a single charge depending on how much power assist is used. You can make your urban commute several times over before having to recharge the battery.


Riding Modes

Both eBikes feature three riding modes. You can use full electric assist when you’re tired of peddling, pedal assist when you need a boost, and full manual mode to use your own power.


Frame and Suspension

Despite their light weight and foldability, both models come with strong 6061 aluminum alloy frames and three-point suspension system (Front wheel, back wheel, seat) to give you a comfortable ride no matter where you go.



Thanks to a tougher frame and stronger tires, the X3000 can handle more trail types and terrain than the G650. Both bikes come with seven speeds in manual mode.



All Volta eBikes are backed by Cyrusher warranties which include two years on all bicycle components including frame, crankset, and pedals, and one-year warranties on all other components including motor, controller, and hardware. If anything goes wrong with your Volta eBike contact Volta right away for direct help and to get back on your bike faster.


Deciding Between the X3000 and G650


  • Motor and Battery – Both come with a 12.8Ah lithium-ion battery and 500W motor.
  • Riding Modes – Both come in 3 riding modes and 7 speeds for manual mode.
  • Compact and Foldable – The G650 is the lightest of Volta models at 42 pounds.


  • Price – Because of its off-road capabilities, the X3000 is slightly more in price but both models are currently on sale for less than $2000.
  • Wheels – The G650 uses a three spoke system to cut down on weight and drag. The X3000 adds some weight with full spokes but both are outfitted with 20” fat tires.
  • Designed Uses – The X3000 is more capable of handling rougher terrains and commutes. The G650 is designed for more beaten path uses.

Finding the Right eBike

Volta is committed to finding you the right eBike no matter your riding style or preferences. If an urban commuter is your ideal match than look hard at the G650 and X3000 but if you need more from your eBike there are several other Volta models built for you.

To find out more about Volta Cycles eBikes, ask questions, take a test ride, or compare other models, contact Volta Cycles today. We’ll match you to the perfect eBike to help you enjoy your environment in a whole new way.