How Durable are Folding eBikes?

More people than ever are living in urban environments. Living in a city has many benefits including nearby convenience and a wealth of things to do but there are also many problems with city life – like getting around. Cities are more congested than ever so how do you get where you need to be? Traffic makes cars worthless. Walking takes too long. How about eBikes?

eBikes combine a bike frame with a motor and battery to let urban residents zip down bike paths, city streets, and other urban areas quickly and efficiently. As an added benefit for urban commuters there are several folding eBikes on the market. Folding eBikes can be ridden to a subway stop and brought on the train or be folded into a neat package and brought directly into your office to avoid theft issues.

Folding eBike

Folding eBikes are quick, lightweight, and stowable, but are they durable? How to they compare to a normal eBike? Let’s learn about folding eBike durability and how to make sure your eBike can handle whatever you throw at it, or wherever you throw it.

Are Folding eBikes Durable?

Folding eBikes from high quality companies like Volta Cycles are slim and compact – but tough. Folding eBikes can handle all paved trails and even some unpaved trails without compromising or breaking, allowing eBike riders the versatility they need. Low quality eBikes will not be durable, foldable or not. If you need strength and durability but also foldability choose a folding eBike from a high quality eBike maker like Volta cycles.

Normal vs. Folding eBikes Durability

A folding eBike is not as durable as a non-folding model. That’s just common sense. Anytime you add a connection point or seam you’re creating a weak point. The question shouldn’t be are folding eBikes as strong as normal eBikes, but are they strong by themselves? Absolutely they are.

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A folding eBike might not be as durable as a non-folding model, but folding eBikes still have tough frames and expert engineering to create a durable and versatile eBike. Think of this way – a bridge that has a capacity or 100 tons is stronger than a bridge that has a 50-ton capacity, but a 50-ton bridge is still strong and durable.

In the same way, folding eBikes aren’t as strong as conventional eBikes but they lack the weight and bulk without sacrificing necessary durability. Unless you’re planning on taking your folding eBike down a rugged black diamond trail you should have no worries about its durability.

Who Should Buy Folding eBikes?

Most folding eBikes are engineered to be lightweight, compact, and stowable for primarily urban uses. Folding eBikes are great for city commutes, light to moderate bike paths, or zipping down the street for groceries.

Folding eBikes are designed for riders who bring their bike everywhere or need to stow their bike during a normal commute. They’re also designed for shorter rides of approximately 5 to 20 miles compared to the longer 30+ mile treks available for non-folding models.

What to Look for in Folding eBikes

Good Manufacturing

Choosing a reputable eBike maker is the best way to make sure your foldable eBike is also durable. You won’t be expected to learn all the ins and outs of folding models, materials, and engineering, but if you choose a high-quality manufacturer, you don’t have to. One way to protect yourself is to purchase an eBike with a manufacturer or sellers warranty, that way if any problems arise you’ll have a solution.

Type of Riding

Even if you’ve decided a folding eBike is right for you there are other options to consider. You can find ultra-light commuters that fold into a pretzel or foldable eBikes designed for mountain trail use. They type of riding you plan to use the eBike for will help determine what type of folding eBike is right for you. If you only frequent well-maintained paved trails you can stick to lighter models but if you know you’ll hit the trails you can look for folding eBikes with stronger frames or better tires.

Finding the Right Folding eBike

If you choose a great company like Volta Cycles a folding eBike will give you all the durability you’ll ever need in a compact and lightweight model. Choose a folding model that matches your riding style, and you’ll have a tough but compact eBike that you can take on the trails and into the office. If you haven’t tried eBikes there’s nothing better to zip you around crowded urban areas so check out Volta Cycle’s folding models and get riding today.