Do You Get Exercise on an Electric Bike?

Electric bikes (eBikes) have transformed the way people get around. eBikes are popular for urban commuters to get to the office and for families to enjoy their surroundings but what about physical rewards for biking around?

With everyone on their New Year’s resolutions to lose weight or get in better shape people are looking for exercise options that are fun and effective. So, do you get exercise on an electric bike?

Despite a motor and a battery, you absolutely can get exercise and lose weight with an eBike. There’s no question that eBikes make riding much easier and let’s you go cover a lot of distance without exhausting yourself but anytime you’re out and moving around you’re getting great exercise.

Do You Get Exercise on an Electric Bike?

Anytime you’re riding your eBike you’re getting some physical activity, but what type of workout and its intensity mostly depends on what mode you’re riding in and how much power you use. Let’s learn more about using an eBike for exercise including how different modes affect exercise effort and pointers on choosing an eBike for exercising.

Different eBike Modes and Exercise

Exercising with Full Power

Full power or full throttle generally means the eBike’s motor and battery is doing the work for you. When you want to spend the least amount of effort, full throttle is the way to go. Because you’re giving the least effort full throttle is least useful mode for exercise but as we stated above, even full power gets you out and moving – that’s exercise.

Exercising with Pedal Assist

Pedal assist is an eBike mode where the motor only engages when you pedal the bike. Pedal assist is useful for riders who don’t want to ride full throttle the entire time, need help tackling hills, or who want a decent workout while riding their eBike. Exercising with pedal assist uses requires more effort than full throttle but manual mode gives the best workout.

Exercising on Manual Mode

Manual mode cuts power to the motor and battery, leaving you to move the bike with only your legs and effort. Once power is cut, the eBike is essentially a conventional bike, albeit heavier than most bikes. Because you’re not getting assistance from the motor, manual mode provides the most strenuous workout and will help you burn off that belly you cultivated over the holiday season.

Tips for Manual Mode

If you’re purchasing an eBike but plan to ride on manual mode frequently here are some pointers:

  • Watch the weight – Because eBikes are built with a motor and battery to go further and faster most eBikes are more robust than their traditional bike counterparts. An eBike’s size and weight makes manual mode more difficult on an eBike when compared to non-motorized bikes. If you know you’ll be using manual mode frequently, look for lighter, more compact models. Look for electric city bikes like the G650 or folding ebikes like the XF770 to make your search easier. The lighter the eBike, the easier it will be to operate in manual mode.

  • Look for versatility – Think of the old school 3-speed bike you had when you were a kid, do you remember how difficult hills were when you only had 3 speeds to choose from? The more speeds (gears) a bike has, the more versatile it is over different types of terrain. If you’re using your eBike for exercise, you’ll want a higher number of gears for more versatility in manual mode. While most eBikes come with approx. 7 gears, there are several 21-speed and up models available.

So, Do You Get Exercise on an Electric Bike?

Nothing says you have the stay on one mode for your entire ride. You could start a workout with pedal assist to get the blood pumping, follow with manual mode for a real workout, then switch to full throttle as you cool down. You can use any combination of eBike power modes to tailor the best workout for you.

An eBike’s versatility also means it’s a great exercise tool for everyone from older kids to older adults. Because you decide the effort you spend you don’t need to worry about overdoing it and can always let full throttle take over if needed. It’s now unsurprising to see eBikes dotting both school and retirement community parking lots thanks to their versatility.

Getting Exercise on an eBike

Anytime you’re riding your eBike around in the sunshine you’re doing much better than sitting on the couch. You can use different eBike modes to push yourself harder but no matter which way you ride you’re getting exercise. If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of an eBike including exercise check out the wide array of online eBikes, read reviews, and order today.