Comparing the Cyrusher XF690 vs XF770

XF770 Folding Electric Mountain Bike

If you’re tired of sitting in traffic or slogging your way through public transportation, it’s time for an eBike. An eBike combines an electric motor with a conventional bike to give you an easy and efficient way to commute to your job or venture a few blocks away for errands.

If you’ve decided an eBike is right for your commute, there are many options even when you’ve picked a great brand like Denver-based Volta Cycles. To help you find the perfect eBike let’s review two of Volta Cycles best models, the XF690 Folding Fat Tire eBike and the XF770 Folding Electric Mountain Bike.

Both bikes are great, but which one is right for you depends on your wants, where you’re riding, and more. Let’s put the XF690 and XF770 head to head to figure out which one is best for your riding style and needs.

XF690 Folding Fat Tire eBike

Type of Rider

The XF690 and XF770 share some rider similarities but also have their unique differences. Both the XF690 and XF770 are ideal for urban commuters and those making quick trips through crowded areas but the XF770 is more versatile if you’re getting outside the beaten path. Unlike the XF690, the XF770 is engineered for tough trails and mountain biking capabilities with its tough wheels and versatile gears.

Let’s learn more about the individual similarities and differences by reviewing the components you need to know about and what type of rider they’re right for.


Both the XF690 and XF770 are outfitted with powerful 750-watt Bafang motors. The Bafang motor provides enough boost to easily take your eBike through the uphills and long stretches eBikes are designed for. The motor is also powerful enough to assist the XF770 through tougher trails like easy to moderate mountain biking trails.

XF690 main 03

Power Mode

Both models operate in three modes: full electric power, pedal / power assist, and manual mode. Both models allow you to turn the power all the way up and let the bike do the work, allow the bike to assist in uphill attacks and other areas, or let you ride the eBike as a conventional bike. If you do plan to ride on manual mode frequently, the 27 speeds of the XF770 are more versatile than the XF690’s seven gears.

XF690 Power Mode


The powerful lithium ion battery nestles discreetly into the frames of the XF690 and XF770 and provides 750 watts of power. Both batteries are compact and charge quickly on or off the frame of the bike. Though they’re slim and ‘hidden,’ on the bike, the batteries are strong enough for riding up to 50 miles on both models.

XF690 main 04

Wheels and Tires

While the XF690 features full spoke and tire system, the XF770’s tires are built with three large ultra-strong spokes. The XF770’s magnesium alloy spokes coupled with a full suspension makes it ideal for rougher trails and terrain you’d normally shy away from on the XF690. If your commute takes you through some nasty terrain, the XF770’s wheel and spoke system is the perfect bike to get you through it.

XF690 main 16

Size and Weight

A compact frame and foldability are what makes both the XF690 and XF770 ideal for urban commuters and others who will fold and stow their bike frequently. Whether you’re boarding the subway between rides or need to keep your bike stowed safely in your office both bikes can be broken down and put away. Because the XF770 is outfitted with 27 gears to the XF690’s seven, the XF770 is bulkier.

XF770 Size and Weight


Because of the 27 speeds, the XF770 is considered more versatile. Both the XF690 and XF770 can handle urban biking trails, lanes, and moderate footpaths but if you really need to get through the muck or rough trails the XF770 is a better option. Keep in mind most urban riders don’t require the bulk of 27 gears and will get by on the XF690’s seven speeds perfectly fine.

XF690 main 17

Price Point

Good news for pocketbooks as both Volta Cycles models are currently on markdown right now. The XF770 and XF690 are available right now with deep discounts. With the discounts the XF690 costs slightly more than the XF770 but price is close enough for you to choose the most suitable model.


No big difference here. All Volta Cycles eBikes are matched with one-year warranties on all bike components like handlebars, pedals, and more. Other components like hardware and wiring are covered under a one-year warranty. If there’s ever an issue with your eBike you can call Volta Cycles for excellent assistance and customer service.

Which eBike is Better?

The Perfect eBike for You

Judging what eBike is right for you depends on your needs, wants, and budget, but both the XF690 and XF770 are great all-around eBikes. While they are similar in size, weight, price, and components, the XF770’s strong tires, 27 speeds, and suspension make it a better choice for trail riders and those who want to take their eBike through less established trails. If you’re not going off the beaten-path, the XF690 is a fantastic urban-commuter bike.

Get Riding Today

Volta Cycles is ready to serve your eBike needs with the XF690, the XF770, or one of several other great models. If you’re ready to hit the trail call Volta Cycles today for excellent customer service and to find the perfect eBike match for you.