Comparing the Cryusher XF800 vs XF900

Cyrusher xf900 Fat Tire eBike

If you haven’t heard of eBikes – where have you been? More people than ever are using eBikes to commute to work, pick up groceries, or cruise around their local trail system. eBikes are fun, easy, and practical but if you’ve decided you want an eBike for yourself the choices can be overwhelming.

There are many types and brands of eBike on the market, so it’s important to choose high quality like Denver based Volta Cycles. Two of Volta’s more popular models include the Cryusher XF800 and XF900 – but which one is right for you?

Let’s compare the Cryusher XF800 vs the XF900 to give you an idea of different specifications, capabilities, what riding styles work best for each, and more. Once you’ve done to a head-to-head comparison you can choose which Volta eBike is right for you.

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Type of eBike Riding

Type of rider and type of cycling is where the XF800 really shines over the XF900. The XF900 is undoubtedly powerful, large, and in charge but the size and power aren’t necessary for most types of commuting and riding. If your typical commute or ride is only a few blocks or miles, the XF800 is the much better option.

The XF800 is big and strong, but still compact enough to zip through bike trails and urban areas. Don’t worry, the XF800’s frame and tires can also handle easy to moderate bike trails and rougher terrain. The XF800 is truly a great all-around eBike which has helped it become Volta Cycles best seller.


The XF800 Fat Tire eBike is outfitted with a variable 750 – 1500W 48V electric motor while the XF900 comes with a 1500W 48V motor. Both motors give plenty of power to ride in just about any situation you’ll come across on an eBike but the XF800’s variable motor let’s you relax the power when it’s not needed.



Both the XF900 and XF800 come with a powerful lithium-ion (LI) battery to give you hours of fun. The battery on the XF900 gets a slight edge on riding distance at 60 miles compared to the XF800’s 50 but those extra 10 miles come with extra battery weight. Both bikes give you the ability to detach and charge the battery or charge it directly on the frame of the bike.

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Modes and Uses

Both the XF800 and 900 come with three working modes: full electric throttle, pedal assist, and powerless manual mode if you’re looking to burn calories.

Cyrusher xf900 Fat Tire eBike - Throttle

Display and Controller

Both bikes have their smart computer system mounted on the handlebars for easy access. From the Volta display you can control speed, power, and pedal assistance, and get live readouts on your current MPH and distance. Volta displays are easy to ready and control.

Cyrusher xf900 Fat Tire eBike - Digital Display

Manual Modes

On the surface the 21 gears of the XF900’s manual mode seems superior to the 7 gears of the XF800, but those 21 gears are only a good idea if you use them. Most riders will not. If you plan on constantly using your eBike in manual mode to tackle more moderate trails the XF900 and its 21 gears are a good idea. However, those 21 gears add a lot of bulk and are unnecessary for 95% of eBike riders. If you’re using 21 gears, you might as well be riding a conventional bike. The XF800’s 7 speeds are much more practical for most riders.

Cyrusher xf900 Fat Tire eBike - Bafang Motor


Both the XF900 and XF800 are manufactured with eight-inch dual hydraulic disc brakes for superior braking over conventional bikes. The brakes also immediately cut power to the motor for smoother handling and fewer chances of an accident.

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Size and Weight

The XF900 is a big boy weighing in at 66 pounds without the battery and 74 pounds with it. The XF800 is a few pounds less without losing any sturdiness. A few pounds doesn’t seem like much but if you’re constantly going uphill or loading your bike in and out of a vehicle a few pounds can make a big difference. Choose the XF800 for less weight.

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Tires and Suspension

Never overlook tires and suspensions on eBikes. Both bikes are manufactured with fat and durable tires and both come with shock suspension to make a more comfortable ride. Both bikes can handle many types of terrain though including urban and more difficult trails though the XF800 is better suited for general riding than the XF900.

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If you hate putting things together your best bet is on the XF800 which comes 90% assembled compared to the XF900 that only comes 80% assembled. While 10% isn’t a big number, it could be the difference between you enjoying your eBike the day your purchase it or leaving it half-assembled for days.

Colors and Other Options

The XF800 comes with more options than the XF900 including an additional color option, and a rear rack to help transport groceries, schoolbooks, or work papers. If you want more options and more variety, the XF800 is a great choice.


Volta stands behind all their models. Both the XF800 and XF900 come with 2-year warranties on all fundamental bike components like frame, handlebars, stem, crankset, pedals and more. Other items like LCD display, controller, and wiring harness are backed by a 1-year warranty.

All Volta eBikes are covered under CYRUSHER’s manufacturer limited all-inclusive warranty. If you ever have issues with your eBike call Volta directly for great customer service, no matter which model you’re purchasing.

Which eBike is Better?

Thanks to a variable motor, lighter weight, options, and more, our nod goes to the XF800 as the better eBike over the XF900 for most riders. Ultimately the best eBike for you depends on your needs and preferences, but if you want the most capability and best bang for your buck, it’s hard to go wrong with the best-selling XF800.

Finding the Perfect eBike

The perfect eBike for you depends on your riding style, personal preferences, where you take your eBike and much more. The XF800 is an ideal eBike all-around bike if you want high quality and lots of capability but there are other options if you prefer something more specialized. Browse Volta’s catalog or get in contact with a Volta eBike expert to find the perfect eBike for you today.