What Is The Best Electric Bike Under $2000?

If you haven’t heard of electric bikes (eBikes) – you’re missing out. eBikes combine the nimbleness and speed of a bike with the power of a motor and battery to help you crush your commute to work, run errands, or explore your surroundings.

eBikes are more popular and affordable than ever, so not everyone has to shell out thousands upon thousands of dollars for a great ride. Let’s start by previewing some of the best electric bikes under $2000, then we’ll give you Volta Cycle’s pick for the best electric bike under $2000.

Folding eBike

eBikes under $2000

If you want a versatile eBike that can conquer tough hunting terrain and whiz along urban corridors you want the QuietKat Ranger 5.0. With a 500w Hub-drive electric motor the Ranger 5.0 can handle touring your neighborhood, the rough backcountry, or deep woods hunting. The 10.4ah/48V battery allows users to ride up to 40 miles before recharging allowing several hours of use. The QuietKat Ranger 5.0 has multiple accessory kits including; the Angler’s Kit, Overland Kit, and the Ultimate Hinter’s Kit. Normally the Ranger 5.0 retails at $2,499, but as of this writing it’s currently on sale for $1,999.


Designed specifically for the serious commuter, the Coston DX is one of the newest ebikes from the household brand Schwinn. A 250w brushless motor helps drive the Coston DX up to 20mph using a 7-speed drivetrain. The step through frame design means you won’t crease your khakis before getting to work, when you stop for a quick espresso. The rack on the back can handle up to 55lbs, which makes it versatile beyond a commuter ebike. Topping it all off, the Coston DX only takke about 5 hours to fully charge, ensuring your ride home is a breeze after an 8-hour shift.

Schwinn Coston DX Hybrid E-Bike

The AddMotor Motan M-650 is one of the toughest cruisers you’ll find under $2,000. The sleek, vintage-styled frame and banana seat will look good and keep you comfortable while you’re cruising along the beach or down the street to your neighbor’s. A double-fork front suspension and three power modes let riders cruise up 55 miles. The M-60 is so cool-looking, people might ask you if it’s a little motorcycle.


You want to take your eBike anywhere whether that be your neighborhood streets, downtown, or out in the woods. Cyrusher’s XF650 takes a tough frame, a hardcore motor, and other off-road capabilities and sandwiches it into a great fat-tire model. A full double suspension keeps the rider comfortable and 7 gears let you go anywhere on manual mode. If you need an eBike for the office and the trail you want the XF650.


The Aventon Level Commuter is an ideal all-around commuting bike whether your ride takes you along paved bike paths or bumpy trails. This slick-looking bike carries a powerful 750W motor and tough battery that let’s riders cruise up to 40 miles on a charge. The robust motor can help you keep up with both vehicle and foot traffic and a cushy suspension keeps the whole ride comfortable. An excellent commuter for under $2,000.


When Cannondale and Schwinn collaborate on an eBike, you get the Charge City Electric Bike. That collaboration resulted in an eBike so good bicycling.com gave it the Urban Bike Award for 2021. Equipped with a thumb throttle and a 50-mile range, the Charge City will hit a top speed of 20mph. The 418WH battery is built by Samsung, a name we all trust in lithium-ion batteries. The 250W Bafang Hub Drive Motor is one we’ve seen regularly in Cyrusher models and has been a reliable and efficient unit on every bike we’ve tested. Combine those aspects with many of the “bells and whistles” like full fenders, Shimano derailleur, tire pressure indicator valve caps, and more; and you’ve got one of the most feature-packed eBikes in the price range.

Charge City Electric Bike

If you’re interested in an eBike for cruising, then look to the Green Bike USA GB2. The Green Bike UB2 is built for comfort and long-distance cruising along a boardwalk, through your local park, or across your favorite vacation destination. The 500W motor can take you up to 60 miles on a single charge. With turn signals and a big comfy seat, you can cruise about anywhere on the GB2.

Green Bike GB2 Beach Cruiser

Many urban commuters take some of their route by bike and some by public transportation. If you need a compact eBike that you can take on a bus, the subway, or stow away in your office the E-Mojo Lynx is a great purchase. With a 500W motor and fat tires this little bike can get you through surprisingly difficult trails for up to 30 miles. Those needing a great eBike to fit wherever need the E-Mojo Lynx.


Finding the Best eBike Under $2,000

You don’t have to drain your life savings for a great eBike as these 10 great models illustrate. Look for an eBike that has great reviews, takes care of multiple types of riding, and doesn’t break your budget. When you check those boxes, you’ll end up with a great eBike that you can enjoy for hundreds of miles.