How Durable are Folding eBikes?

How Durable are Folding eBikes? More people than ever are living in urban environments. Living in a city has many benefits including nearby convenience and a wealth of things to do but there are also many problems with city life - like getting around. Cities are more congested than ever so how do you get where you need to be? Traffic makes cars worthless. Walking takes too long. How about eBikes? eBikes combine [...]

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Why Do Electric Bikes Have Fat Tires?

Americans are a species on the go. Every American needs a way to get from Point A to Point B and there are several options to choose from. Should you take the bus? Walk? Ride a bike? How about ride an eBike? eBikes have been around for more than one hundred years but better materials, lighter batteries, and affordability have made them more popular than ever before. Obviously, a motor and battery are the [...]

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Cyrusher XF690 vs XF770

Comparing the Cyrusher XF690 vs XF770 If you’re tired of sitting in traffic or slogging your way through public transportation, it’s time for an eBike. An eBike combines an electric motor with a conventional bike to give you an easy and efficient way to commute to your job or venture a few blocks away for errands. If you’ve decided an eBike is right for your commute, there are many options even [...]

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Cryusher XF800 vs XF900

Comparing the Cryusher XF800 vs XF900 If you haven’t heard of eBikes - where have you been? More people than ever are using eBikes to commute to work, pick up groceries, or cruise around their local trail system. eBikes are fun, easy, and practical but if you’ve decided you want an eBike for yourself the choices can be overwhelming. There are many types and brands of eBike on the market, so [...]

Cryusher XF800 vs XF9002020-12-03T17:14:32+00:00
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