Denver eBike Laws

eBikes are one of the best ways to move around the city and Denver is a great city for eBikes. The Mile-High City is home to dozens of miles of bike and multi-use trail giving residents the ability to bike from RiNo to Cherry Creek without ever interacting directly with traffic. While Denver has many miles of available trail, eBike riders must always remember an eBike is not a conventional bike and specific [...]

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Cyrusher G650 vs X3000

Comparing the Cryusher G650 Vs. X3000 How do you get around town? You can walk, drive, ride a bike, or combine the best qualities of all those with an eBike. eBikes offer an easy, environmentally friendly, and healthy way to get where you need to go without the effort required from walking or always peddling. Denver-based Volta Cycles is one the country’s leaders in eBikes, but what type of eBike is [...]

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Are eBikes Safe?

We’ve all seen enough internet videos to know wild things happen when you mix people and motorized anything. Videos of people crashing on motorized bikes or scooters are admittedly funny, but they raise a big question - are powered personal vehicles safe? Are eBikes safe? eBikes are a popular way to experience the fun of bike riding without all the effort but what types of risk for accident and injury come with eBikes? Let’s [...]

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Which eBike to Buy?

eBikes are one of the most popular ways to reduce your carbon footprint and get where you need to go with ease but even when you’ve decided on a great eBike company like Volta - there are still plenty of options. Not all eBikes are meant for the same rider and riding style, so let’s review six Volta eBikes, their capabilities, and what type of riding they’re suited to. Volta’s goal is to match [...]

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