How Long Do eBike Batteries Last?

How long do eBike batteries last? Let's find out! eBikes have changed the way we get where we need to be. eBikes have been around for over a hundred years but two big advances in technology, modern engineering, and batteries, have turned previously clunky and expensive eBikes into affordable and easy-to-use modes of transportation. Your engine might give you the boost and assistance you expect from an eBike, but the real magic is in [...]

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What is an eBike?

It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t like riding a bike. Bikes have been letting us enjoy the fresh air and move efficiently from Point A to B for decades - but they can be lacking. Not everyone enjoys pedaling up hills or slogging out a 10-mile commute on leg power alone but if you want the fun of bikes with a little extra help there’s a great solution in eBikes. Electric bikes, [...]

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